Tony M. Ann Arbor, MI

With ArborMotion, I know my 17 year-old BMW is as safe and dependable as possible for everyday use. At ArborMotion they know what they are doing, they make repairs correctly the first time, they are as big a fan of your car as you are, they treat you with friendly respect, and they are trustworthy. ArborMotion understands the experience you would like to have at an auto repair shop.

Sharon B. Ypsilanti, MI

These folks are just the best! They have always been helpful, professional and knowledgeable about all things concerning my Audi. I don’t take my car anywhere else.

Nicklaus S. Ann Arbor, MI

I’ve been taking my Toyota 4-Runner and BMW 540i to ArborMotion for about 3 years. They are always polite and prompt, and depending on the length of time required for the repairs, they either give me a lift home or provide a loaner. Since I drive my cars up to and past 200,000 miles, there can be a lot of complicated problems to solve, and they always do so quickly and professionally. I’d recommend ArborMotion to anyone who needs detailing or repairs.

Kelley K. Chicago, II

This is the best automotive service one could ever hope for. ArborMotion provides the ultimate in customer service and auto care. I’ve been a loyal customer for the past eight years, and have continued to take my Volvo there even after moving to Rochester, NY, and Chicago.

At about 4:30pm on Christmas eve, I unrolled my windows and and couldn’t roll them back up.

I had to drive back to Chicago on Christmas morning, and anyone who has lived through a mid-western winter knows how unpleasant driving with the windows down in winter would be. My husband suspected a fuse had been blown, so tried replacing it, twice, to no avail. I quickly called ArborMotion and asked if they were still open. Tim, the Operations Manager, answered and told me to bring my car in right then. When we arrived, we noticed that it was completely empty except for Tim who had stayed behind to help me with my minor car trouble. Tim immediately got to problem solving, and was ultimately able to solve the problem so I’d have a safe and warm drive back. He also replaced the bulbs in one of my tail lights. He was so understanding, kind, and helpful. I can’t imagine being crazy about having to stay behind on Christmas eve to help some lady with some dysfunctional windows, but Tim did so with the utmost of graciousness and kindness. And, he had sent everyone home early so they could be with their families! How amazing is that?! I drove away feeling grateful, safe, and eager to take my car back to ArborMotion just to have another awesome experience.

This was only the latest in amazing experiences I’ve had at ArborMotion. Their customer service, professionalism, technical erudition, honesty, and quality of service keep me going back regardless of how far I have to drive to get there. I know my car would not be in the excellent shape it is had I not been going to them for all my auto needs.

Kind, skilled and honest people. Incredible work. The cleanest garage you’ll ever see. Free shuttle service. It’s the best.

These guys (& gals) are the best!

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